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February 2007

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Artificial Intelligence

Title: Artificial Intelligence
Author: Kitty
Fandom: Original Concept
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A young couple introduces an android to society. 


Electrical beepings and the whirr of fans permeated the large lab room. Small rodents in habited one large table, either running in small rotating wheels or sleeping. Other tables spread about the room contained numerous machinery and computers. Various hard drives and tanks of foreign fluids lined the walls, buzzing with activity. Most of the primary lights were off since it was after hours, leaving a majority of the room in shadows…which was just fine for the only human being still working past her shift.

Working diligently at a single computer, a young female scientist typed on, unaware of the time. Neatly trimmed fingernails raced upon the key board while caffeine-powered brown eyes focused on the many programs and figures that flashed upon the screen. Her attention was unwavering and full-frontal on her work until her watch beeped.

Finishing a program, she turned the alarm off and took a moment to rest her eyes. With steady hands, she slipped off her reading glasses and rubbed the bridge of her nose. If there was anything she hated more than mankind, it was desk work. Spending minutes to hours, hunched over a computer had to be some form of torture. She spent a majority of her life in school, working and forcing her way through to get a job that would be free of desk work.

Unfortunately, there was no such job that paid enough…or enabled her to handle explosive liquids.

Pushing herself up and out of her chair, she adjusted her white lab coat and headed deeper into the lab. Using her key card, she led herself into the top secret area. This was her absolute favorite part of the entire building. The most dangerous and amazing thins in the world were housed here and monitored regularly. Weapons, transport systems, communications systems, chemically imbalanced liquids, and technologies way beyond their time. The vault of dreams. By passing all the fun toys, she walked to the far back wall, where a large glowing container stood upright. Various wires and tubing branched off the large machine and lead to other computers and machines.

Snatching a clipboard off the nearby table, she sighed and looked up at one of the biggest creations of the company. Within the container, lived a machine. Well…maybe living is the wrong word. Just like a real-live movie, and android floated within the organic goo, completely unaware of the world around it. Billions of dollars of technology and research was stuffed into this female-human shaped husk. It was still a work in progress, but the young woman was confident that is would be one of the greatest scientific creations to rise from the company. Much of her blood, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights were spent on this project…and she enjoyed every moment.

A smile on her tired face, she flipped through the pages on her clipboard. “Hello, Guinevere. This is Dr. Ashlynn Valdez, and I’m here for your next check up.” Pulling a pen out of her hair, she began to fill out the chart. All of the previous checkups were dated and signed by herself. Even though it didn’t bother her to be responsible for the android before her, she wondered why less and less people worked on this project. Sure, there seemed to be an endless amount of kinks and errors, but the project had come a long way.

And, of course, there’s the billions of dollars that was spent funding them.

“Stupid people, wasting stupid tax people’s money.” She mumbled before signing and dating the chart.

In truth, this was the only reason why she kept enduring this job. She loved the idea of creating artificial intelligence. Nothing destructive like the Terminator or useless like a Tickle-Me-Elmo. This was a learning program: one that took in information based on experiences and maybe even human interaction. Years after the project began, a lot of the enthusiasm dwindled away when various pot holes appeared. Emotions were a huge obstacle. Was a robot capable of emotions? Was it even safe?

All in all, it was too morally and technologically complicated and it became all but a deserted project. Aishlynn was probably the only one still working on the project…which was just fine with her employers. As long as everything else went smoothly, then she could do whatever else she wanted. And, with the proper funding, that’s basically what she did. Much of Guinevere’s basic programming and structure was her hard work and dedication. A few others contributed to her human-like features.

Looking up at the “sleeping” android before her, she examined it’s features. It looked like a normal young woman. Pale, elegant features made up the face. Short, dark brown hair covered the various identification tattoos on the head. She didn’t know for sure, but the designers claimed that they gave the android…unique eyes.

Apparently, they were bored.

Clothed in a skin-tight, blue body suit, it was physically human like. It could consume and taste food, yet not retrieve any of the nutritional value. Instead, the food traveled into an acid filled container where it was completely dissolved into nothingness. It also had a voice box, adjustable body temperature, a killer memory chip, and the usual female body parts. In a crowd, no one would question its mortality.

In this context, the project was a success so far.

Sighing, Aishlynn leaned against a table and rubbed her face. She loved her job to death. There was no doubt. Her boyfriend was always complaining about how she spent most of her time with inanimate objects. Of course, all she would have to do was kiss him and he’d be all right again. Chuckling to herself, she looked up at the sleeping android. “If Adam knew that you were my reason for staying at the lab all the time, he probably wouldn’t complain as much. He’s kind of perverted, but I can stand him. He’s my pervert. I think you would like him…if I could ever figure out how to give you emotions.”

Guinevere did not provide any feed back, as it floated in it’s jelly-filled home. A lone bubble floated up from the bottom of the tank, slowly making its way to the top. Watching the small sphere of gas creep its way up the tank, Aishlynn zoned out, lost in her thoughts until her cell phone began to vibrate in her lab coat. Snapping back into the real world, she fumbled into her pocket and pulled her phone out. Bypassing the caller ID, she flipped it open and brought it to her ear. “Hello?”

“Hey sweetheart. It’s your wake-up call.” Adam’s husky and very awake voice flowed into her consciousness.

A smile bloomed on her face. “I’m already awake, dummy. I’ve been awake.”

“Yeah, yeah. You and your ground breaking work. Probably excites you more than I do.”

“But, of course. You don’t stimulate me mentally.”

“No, but I’m a great physical stimulator.”

She had to smile and shake her head at that. “That didn’t even sound right.”

“But, it’s true. Aannd…I have a pot of curry right in front of me, calling out your name.”

Groaning, she realized just how hungry she was. Adam was an amazing chef and he knew it. Hell, he could make chicken noodle soup from the can taste like heaven. But…this would mean leaving work, and this was extremely early by her standards. She was torn. “The ups and downs of having a boyfriend with a degree in food.”

Laughing, Adam was quick to correct her. “A degree in culinary delights, Lynn. And, I’m quite sure that I’m capable of a little massage on the side.”

Now, even Aishlynn couldn’t resist that. “All right, all right. You win, I’m heading over.”

“Fabulous.” He replied, satisfaction clear in his voice. “I’ll run to the adult store down the street and get us some edible rubbing-oil.”

“You do that.” She rolled her eyes and said good bye before snapping her phone shut. Her gaze traveled back to the android. “His curry is to die for. Trust me.” Hanging the clipboard back, she made her way out of the room. “Good Night, Guinevere.”

The android in question floated in its artificial womb, unaware of the presence, or lack there of, of Dr. Aishlynn Valdez.”


“I cannot believe that I let you keep me from work.” Aishlynn moped as Adam grinned at her from across the small round table.

To a passerby, the couple would be considered…odd. Peculiar. The woman was slightly pale with golden brown hair tied back into a half braid. Violet eyes were framed by thin, black, wire-rimmed glasses, while her attire consisted of a simply designed t-shirt, and black yoga-pants. The man was lean and muscled in a dark Hawaiian t-shirt, and a pair of frayed shorts. His dark hair was streaked with blonde from excessive sun light. His eyes were a dark blue, framed by numerous smile-wrinkles.

Dark and Light.

Ying and Yang.

Complete opposites…considering that one was frowning into her cappuccino whiel the other was grinning into his tea.

“Stop smiling at my expense, Adam.” Aishlynn was far beyond pouting. Pouting was for kids. She was simply being disagreeable.

Fully enjoying his girlfriend’s attitude, Adam leaned back. “Sorry, love. But, you did agree.”

“You fed me and massaged me. I would have agreed to anything under those conditions.” Downing her cup, she sat back and crossed her arms. “That’s playing dirty.”

Very proud of his abilities, he felt it was his duty to show off his wits. “Don’t you think it’s crazy how I’m able to have my way with a woman who had a doctorate in engineering?”

“I’m going to hurt you badly if you don’t drop it.”

Finishing his tea, he pulled out his wallet. “I stand corrected.”

“You are truly evil.” Standing up, she grabbed her purse as Adam wrapped his arms around her waist.

Placing a kiss on her forehead, he smiled down at her. “Now that you have your caffeine fix for the day, how about we do some more apartment shopping?”

He obviously wasn’t going to let her go on her own, so she gave in. An arm around his waist, she allowed him to lead her away from the sidewalk café. “I guess so. Your patience is dwindling.”

“Sweetheart, for you, I have an endless amount of patience. If you were anyone else, I would have left years ago.”

“Good.” She smiled. “I trained you well.”

Unable to respond to that truth, he rolled his eyes while Aishlynn basked in her victory.


After nearly an entire day of apartment hunting, the couple came to two choices. Since this was a gigantic step for both of them, they celebrated with a trip to their favorite pub. And, over a basket of artery-clogging, fried onions and two bottles of beer, they flipped through the two apartment folders.

“It may be more expensive, but I really think that the spare room would make a perfect library.” Aishlynn studied the floor plan of one potential future home. Wiping the grease off his fingers, he looked at the plan. “Yeah, but would it have room for my cookbooks.”

“I’m sure you’ll find room in the kitchen.”

Stuffing a particularly greasy onion ring in her mouth, she watched Adam flip through the other file. The atmosphere was comfortable. 80’s rock flowing through the speakers, a football game on the big screen t.v., and other inhabitants simply hanging out and getting drunk with their friends.

“How would Guinevere react to such a normal and social environment?” She found herself thinking. “Maybe the board would allow me to take the android around society….”

“This one is a bit more appealing to me.” Adam’s voice broke through her thoughts. “It has a hot tub.”

Aishlynn snorted. “Are you kidding?”

“Hey. I’m a man. Simple things appeal to me.”

“My choice has a bigger kitchen.”

“I don’t need a bigger kitchen to feed two people.”

She frowned at him. “You’re being difficult.”

Picking up his beer bottle, Adam sat up. “And, you’re obviously preoccupied with something else. What’s up?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Love. We’ve been dating for over five years now. You never allow me to win an argument unless you are preoccupied.” Taking her hand in his own, he smiled at her: all ears.

Aishlynn was torn. As wonderful and understanding her boyfriend was, Adam didn’t particularly enjoy their conversations about her job. He was a simple chef. What does he care about scientific advancements in robotics? But…as independent as she was, she wanted Adam to be proud of her work. Managing a smile, she squeezed his hand. “I want to share something with you.”

“You mean, other than the onion rings?”

She nodded.

He cocked an eyebrow. “You going to tell me what it is?”

“No.” She took a swig of her beer.

Grinning, her propped an elbow on the bar table and turned his body towards her. “I can guess, right?”

“Not really.”

“But, I’m going to anyway.”

Prepared for the worst, Aishlynn chomped on another onion ring.

“You bought some lacy lingerie?”

She punched him in the shoulder.

Finishing up their small celebration, they flagged down a taxi. When Aishlynn told the taxi driver their destination, Adam’s mood visibly dampened. “You’re taking me to your lab?”

“You won’t regret it.” She put her hand on his knee and focused on him, trying to convey her need for this. “Please, just bare with me.”

He ran his fingers through his hair. “Fine. But, if I’m not impressed, I get sex every night for a whole month. Starting tonight.”

Aishlynn was pretty sure that she was going to win. “Deal.”

This was enough to perk him up, and he no longer voiced any negative comments. Coming to a stop before the lab, the couple unloaded. Pulling her card key out of her purse, Aishlynn let them through the gate. Taking Adam’s hand in her own, she led him around the various storage facilities and keyed them into the main building.

“You work here alone?” He looked at the huge room, filled to the brim with computers and filing cabinets.

“Only at night.”

“Jeeze. I need to lure you away from here with food more often.”

She grinned at him as they walked into the actual lab area. “Well, I’m not completely alone.”

“And, that means?”

Grabbing his arm, she stopped him in his tracks. “Ok, look. What I’m going to show you isn’t exactly ready for public eyes.”

He chuckled. “Now, it’s like a James Bond episode. Sexy.”

She had to smile. “Just make sure that you don’t talk about this to anyone. I could lose my job. And, I like my job.”

“My lips are sealed.”


Their footsteps echoed off the cement walls and ceiling while Aishlynn led the way and Adam looked around in childish awe. Using her key card one last time, she entered the Vault.

“Shit. Talk about some fun toys.” His eyes wandered over everything, taking in all the strange gadgets stored in the room. The light shifting across the foreign objects caught his attention and his gaze was pulled to the very back of the room….where a young woman floated in what appeared to be jell-o. “What the hell?”

“The developing fruit of my labor.” Aishlynn smiled up at the android. “Android 0, a.k.a. Guinevere.”

He blinked. “You mean, that’s not human?”

“Yup. She’s a robot, disguised as a woman. She can see, hear, talk, smell, and taste, but she’s composed of wires, gears, synthetics, and computer chips.”

Stepping closer to the tank, Adam looked up at it. “Have you ever given it a test drive?”

“Are you kidding me? She’s not even done yet. There are so many imperfections. So much to do.”

He shrugged. “So? Didn’t you program it to learn?”


“Then maybe it will learn to overcome those imperfections. I’ve been listening you talk about your artificial intelligence project for years…I just never thought it would look so…real.”

Leaning back on a table, Aishlynn sighed. “Do you know how much paperwork and ass kissing I would have to do?”

“And we know how much you hate both of those.” He grinned and stood next to her.

Quietly, they stared at the floating android. Relief rushed through Aishlynn’s body. Adam had accepted her work with very little conflict, and even seemed supportive. But, she couldn’t help but roll his statement in her mind. She would give almost anything to be able to activate the android and really interact with it. And…though the android had certain talents in theory, she really wanted to see what it could really do.

“When you grin like that, I never know if you’re thinking happy thoughts or evil thoughts.” Adam raised an eyebrow at her.

Smiling she shook her head, dismissing her thoughts. “No. It’s nothing.”

Knowing fully well what his girlfriend wanted, he looked back up at the android. “Turn her on for a second.”

Aishlynn blinked. “What?”

Taking his place between her knees, he looped his arms around her neck. “Come on. I want to see what my genius girlfriend created. I always reveal my creations to you.”

She frowned. “Don’t compare my android to your five-layered lasagna. They are completely different.”

“All right then. Just have her wave her arms or tap dance. Something simple.”


“Hey. It was your bright idea to show me your work.”

Wrinkling her nose at him, she could not deny that she wanted to bring Guinevere to animation. “All…all right. She has been floating there for a while.”

Placing a kiss on her forehead, Adam moved away as Aishlynn made her way to a computer station. Pushing her hair behind her shoulder, she accessed the android’s programs. As her fingers clacked across the keyboard, small bubles began to rise form the floor of the tube. Adam watched as the rarely used machinery that held the android began to grind into motion. Slowly, the tube began to move into a horizontal position. The electrical wires remained attached to various limbs as the organic fluid began to drain out of the tube. Adam approached the machine as Aishlynn pulled away from the computer station. Both stared at the android in silent wonder as the liquid completely drained out of the container and a definite click shot through the room, indicating the unlocking of the tube.

Rubbing her sweaty palms on her pants, Aishlynn reached out and opened the tube, pushing the lid all the way open.

“Shit.” Adam breathed. “I’m a chef. This is way over my head.”

Looking down at the “sleeping” android, she hesitantly reached out and touched the machine’s cheek. It was cold…but it felt like real skin. Excitement bubbling up her chest, she began to unhook the android.

“Why isn’t it moving?” Adam asked.

“I have to activate it first.” She explained taking the android’s left wrist and turning it over to reveal a light blue barcode. “There’s a small button under the skin to switch her on…” Her thumb felt around the patch of skin until she fit a small button.

The fingers twitched immediately in response, scaring the crap out of the couple as they took a step back. The jaw twitched, the eye balls moved rapidly under the eyelids, and the chest began to slowly rise and fall, simulating breathing.

“Oh my God.” Aishlynn breathed. “It’s actually working.”

“I need a beer.” Adam agreed.

Slowly, the eyelids lifted revealing light-hazel eyes with blue, purple, and green rings around the pupil. They focused on the immediate objects before the android and sat up for the first time: going slow and without the use of it arms.

In what looked like childlike curiosity, it looked around before focusing on the couple, staring in wonder.

Blinking, the android smiled. “Hello, Dr. Aishlynn Valdez.”


I need help with this story. What you see right now, is about as far as I've got. You can help me with an out line....or just some ideas...pweese?