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February 2007

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Trust Me: Chapter 1

The first real post of the community. Spiffy noodles.

Title: Trust Me
Author: Kitty
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairing: OCx?
Summary: Ok, Amber. This is the fic that I wrote in high school about you. I know you've been wanting to read it again, so here it is. I tried to edit it as best as I could, but it is still utter crap. Enjoy it anyway.

AN: //text// = thoughts

Chapter 1

“Today, September 16, A.C. 195, marks the ninth month since the war between Earth and the Colonies began. We have just received word from our ground reporters that the five Gundam Pilots have been formally charged with treason and are now wanted. A reward is being determined for each of the criminals to be brought in alive and relatively unharmed. As an aftereffect, OZ has declared the colonies as their own and are working on mending the relations between Earth and-“

Flipping the television set off, a young woman sighed. “Utter bullshit.” Knowing full well that OZ had less than noble intentions, she found herself become increasingly sickened by the media…news media in particular. Maybe she should just throw the t.v. out and stick to reading fiction novels. At least the death and gore on those were enjoyable…and better portrayed.

She picked herself off the couch and stretched. Her green tank top rose over her belly button revealing very little fat….indicating either exercise or a very high metabolism. Unfortunately, the latter was true, when it came to this lazy computer nerd. Dropping her arms down, she patted her blue jeans and walked into the small adjoining kitchen. Her apartment was small, stuffed, yet cozy. It wasn’t much to others, but to her, it was a haven away from the rest of humanity. Being somewhat of an introvert, she treasured her personal space.

It was a home away from home.

Intending to fill her less than satisfied hunger, she contemplated making a sandwich when she remembered that she hadn’t done her weekly grocery shopping.

“Damn it.” Lazy to a fault, she tended to almost always forget certain necessities after buying a new computer program or book. And, though she was fully aware of the problem, she found it too much of a hassle to fix. Now, she wished that she had some self motivation for change….especially when it came to food.

Sighing, she spun around and grabbed her blue jacket and wallet, and walked out the door. Living on the fifth floor of an average apartment with average apartment buddies, she was faced every morning with the decision of using the stairs or the elevator.

Guess which choice won hands down every single time?

Slipping her jacket on she walked to the elevator and pressed the down button. When the silver doors slid open, they revealed a small old lady.

The young woman managed a small smile. “Good afternoon, Mrs. Thurston.”

The old lady brightened up at the sight of one of the youngest inhabitants of the building. “Well, hello, young Mia. How are you doing this fine day?”

Mia stepped into the elevator, sure not to bump into the fragile Mrs. Thurston. “Just fine. You?”

“Just going on my usual walk. You know how it is. It gets harder for us old people to stay in shape.”

Mia held her tongue. “Well, I hope you enjoy your walk Mrs. Thurston.” The elevator came to a stop and she walked out. Waving goodbye to the old lady, she turned toward her target: the convenient store. It was far from the required grocery store, but it was enough to satisfy her immediate needs. Pushing the glass door open, she grabbed a basket and started going through the small aisles. Gathering her essentials quickly, she went to the front counter and handed her purchases over. Mr. Chou, the old man behind the counter took the foods. “Hello Mia. Is this all?”

Mia nodded, used to seeing old people all over the place. “Yup.” She pulled out her wallet to pay, when the bell above the glass door rang, signaling a new customer. Simple curiosity taking over, she turned to find five OZ soldiers talking among themselves, obviously out for a good time. They wore heavily decorated uniforms, so they were obviously high ranked soldiers…and probably drunk off their asses.

Why they decided that a convenient was the best place for that, Mia would never understand.

Ignoring their laughter and crude jokes, she turned back to the pleasant store owner, who was feeling less than pleasant at the moment. Not that Mia could blame him.

“I don’t like them in my store.” He whispered.

“Don’t worry. Just let them do their business and leave. What could they possibly do?” She knew very well that OZ couldn’t afford any negative publicity. With that in mind, she held out her payment when one of the soldiers snatched it out of her hands.

“Thanks, doll.” He grinned, showing his coffee stained teeth. “I’m a bit low on cash at the moment, and I’m sure you don’t mind donating to such honorable guys, eh?” Laughing along with his compadres, he made a show of his “masculinity” and shoved her down to the floor. Unprepared for the attack, Mia fell back onto the counter before losing her balance and crashing to the floor. The pain didn’t even register and pure aggravation engulfed her being. Glaring up at the jerk who was feeling so high-and-mighty, she spotted some odd object fall out of his pocket and land near her feet. Without reason or thought, she placed her shoe over it and slid the object closer to her.

Living in a house with two older brothers for a majority of her life, she knew an opportunity when she saw one. She held back a grin. //Mine now.// Scrambling to her feet, she moved out of the way and towards the door. Making any physical contact with these psychos wasn’t very high on her list of desirable things to do…unless it was her sneaker meeting someone’s teabags.

The chuckling OZ soldiers placed their items on the counter and prepared to pay with Mia’s money when one of the guys patted himself down with a panic stricken face. Taking this as her cue, Mia slipped out of the door as quickly as possible and ran like she was on fire. Being the fastest runner in her town growing up, she was pretty confident in her abilities to out run the bastards. Frantic footsteps echoed behind her, and her confidence was knocked down a notch. //All right. Maybe taking that disk wasn’t the best idea in the world.// A gun shot took out a department store window near her. Ducking, she sped forward. //Bad! Bad idea!// Making a quick turn into an alley as a desperate attempt not to get shot, she stumbled into a wall and scraped her elbow as she propelled herself forward…into a chain link fence.

“Aw shit.” She turned around and watched as five gigantic men approached her, each quite capable of snapping her spine in six nice little pieces with one hand. Making a mental note to reevaluate her decision making skills in the future, she tried not to look as terrified as she felt and scrambled up the fence, praying that they wouldn’t shoot her mid-climb. //Uh oh.//


Staring at his reflection with obvious revulsion, Duo Maxwell, Gundam Pilot 02, looked at his brand new attire: an OZ uniform. “This sucks ass. Just because we’re wanted, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be able to wear our own damn clothes. This has to be a violation of some personal code out there!”

Quatre, Gundam Pilot 04, buttoned up his jacket and threw his comrade a sympathetic look. “Unless you want to get caught, Duo, we have no choice. Most people can recognize us from our normal clothing.”

“Stop your damn complaining.” Wufei, Gundam Pilot 05, glared at the braided young man. He was about as capable of compassion as a rattle snake.

Heero, Gundam Pilot 01, also a man who lacked in the compassion department but made up for it in the hard-ass section glared everyone into silence. “Time to go.”

Everyone put their hats on as Trowa, Gundam Pilot 03, cautiously opened the door, peeked around and signaled that it was safe. He was capable of the bare minimum amount of compassion required. His fault was that he lacked the motivation to speak…which kind of cancelled out what ever compassion he had.

This pretty much summed up the five traitorous Gundam Pilots: a bunch of socially inept teenaged boys.

These five guys filed out of the unknown room and into a deserted, back alley. Fully prepared to put their well planned escape-from-the-city plan in action, a metaphorical wrench was thrown in and brought their arrangements to a complete stop. This wrench came in the form of Mia, crashing into the solid wall known as Heero.

Even though Heero didn’t move an inch, Mia fell back hard. She looked up at the five towering young men with slightly hysterical violet eyes and jumped up, wondering how in the hell these OZ guys figured out how to get to their allies so quickly. “OZ can kiss my ass, so leave me the hell alone!” She kneed Heero in the stomach, proving that walls can indeed bend if hit in the right place then punched him square in the nose.

Now, while these five were stunned into stupidity by this obviously strong female, she ran right through the group. Then, they moved out of the way as five other OZ soldiers, the real soldiers, ran after the girl.

Quatre, the compassionate one, quickly bent down to check on his comrade. “Are you all right, 01?”

Ignoring the question, Heero stood up and brushed himself off. Cool, calm, and collected.

Duo stared after the parade. “Why do you think they were chasing her?”

Trowa shrugged. “I over heard the five soldiers cursing about a stolen disk. I assume that the girl is currently in possession of said disk, and they aren’t very thrilled about it. She, in turn, thought we were OZ soldiers.”

Duo grinned. “Great. So…we go after them, right?”

Heero glared. “We have to get to her first.” No one knew how to interpret that. Did he want the disk, or did he want to have a second round with the unknown female?

Agreeing, the group ran out of the alley to intercept the young woman.


Mia could feel her self slowing down and came to the conclusion that if she didn’t stop soon, then her lungs would burst out of her chest and shrivel on the pavement while she bled to death from the gaping hole in her ribs. Not liking that mental picture, she took a sharp turn and exited the alley, onto one of the main roads. This main road in particular had a fairly decent bridge that went over a small, man-made river. Not really sure how this was going to turn out, she jumped over the railing, directly over the river and grabbed one of the poles that was connected to the underside of the bridge. Using the poles as monkey bars, she swung herself to the middle of the bridge and hung there, praying that her arms wouldn’t give out…or stretch to an undesirable length. Her feet dangled a good bit from the water while she listened to her pursuers trample over the bridge and away from her. Her chest heaving from exertion and lack of oxygen, she swung herself back the way she came and pulled her self back up onto the railing. This required a lot of grunting and swinging and strange leg work, but she finally managed to get her feet back on solid ground. Falling hard on the side walk, she lay there, trying to catch her breath Bruises decorated her elbows and the scrapes were a nice touch.

She looked like shit.

“Damn. This is not my day.”

“Need help?”

Surprised, Mia looked up to find five different boys in OZ uniforms surrounding her. It was the surrounding part that she didn’t like.

She gasped and instinctively jumped back, nearly falling off the bridge again. The closest boy grabbed her and covered her mouth. “Don’t be afraid, Miss. We don’t work for OZ. We’re here to help you.”

Blinking, Mia stood there, confused. Either they were lying, or the OZ uniform was part of some new fashion statement. “Um, what’s with the uniforms and who are you?”

The guys just stared at her, not really knowing how to go about the situation. If they told her that they were Gundam Pilots, then they would have to kill her. So, why not just save them selves the trouble and not tell her? Then again, how would they explain the uniforms, and the helping her part?

Decisions. Decisions.

Wufei rolled his eyes. “We are conspirators against OZ, and we are undercover.”

Yeah. That made a lot of sense. Mia decided to give these guys the benefit of the doubt. They hadn’t shot at her yet, which was a plus. “Oh. All right then.” The looked at Heero, whom she faintly remembered beating to the ground. “Sorry about the little mix up.

Heero didn’t say anything. Just grunted. Or maybe that was just her imagination.

Quatre looked at Mia with concern. “Why were the soldiers chasing you?”

“No reason.” She lied. “I just have this amazing ability to get on everyone’s bad side.”

“No kidding.” Heero mumbled.

“Please, Miss.” Quatre pleaded. “It could help us in our cause.”

Mia contemplated this for a second. She WAS all for the destruction of OZ. And, it would just be a nice little part of her life to admire when she got older. How many people would be able to claim that they helped obliterate OZ and lived to brag about it? “Fine. But, not out here. Those crazy asses might come back.”

Agreeing that standing out in the open was indeed stupid, the boys followed Mia back to her apartment. Closing her door, she hurried to the kitchen and pulled out her first aid kit from under the sink.

Heero raised his eyebrow. “A first aid kit in the kitchen?”

Mia shrugged. “It used to be in the bathroom before my sister left to attend college in Australia. I’m a very dangerous cook.”

Duo grinned. “You and me both.”

Chuckling, Mia took a seat on her couch while Quatre tended to her arms. The guy insisted so much, that she had no choice but to comply. While he was doing his nurse-ly duties, she explained her trek to the convenient store, her encounter with the soldiers, and her little discovery, up to when she ran into Heero. They didn’t need any more details after that.

The guys were silent, as they digested the information, and Mia grew uneasy at the seriousness of their expressions. “Taking the disk wasn’t a good idea, was it?”

Quatre looked up. “Actually, it was quite an opportunity. And, while I’m glad that you took that opportunity, I’m sorry that you were sucked into this. This disk will probably enable us to at least hinder OZ’s movements temporarily.”

Mia raised an eyebrow. “What? We? I don’t know. I did go through quite an ordeal to get this disk.”

Wufei glared. “No…you will hand over the disk like a nice little obedient woman.”

“Like hell. This piece of crap cost me my dinner.”

“Then what would you do with it?”

Mia thought about her options. “I can send it to people who know what they are doing.”

“Like who?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe the Gundam Pilots, you sexist dumbass.” Mia glared at Wufei, clearly tired of his treatment of her. “You ever refer to me as a nice little obedient woman again and I’ll rip you a new one.”

Duo cleared his throat as he took his hat off, revealing a long chestnut braid. All the other guys followed suit and Mia’s slowly began to better understand the situation. Pictures from the newspapers and wanted posters flashed through her mind as she rubbed her eyes and turned away from them. “I’m not completely together. I have not had a decent meal in a week, and I’ve drugged myself with asprin. My mind is just playing games with me and I did not just let five wanted assassins in my humble apartment….holy crap, I need to lie down.”

Quatre quickly caught the apparently shocked female before she hit the ground. Checking her pulse, he lay her back down on the couch. “She fainted.”

Duo grinned. “I think it’s safe to say that she took it well then.”


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